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What lies within us...

content discovered on Saturday, September 19, 2015 in anxieties choices kismet mental health awareness our past strength

Do you ever feel like nothing goes the way you intend, like karma andkismetare just not on your side ??? I definitely do!I don't know what it is about this year for me, but I'm pretty sure I've hit a mental blockage of sorts. One that I can hideparticularlywell!! Which is wrongisn't it? I don't want to hide anymore from who I am. Yes, I do feel like my identity has vanished somewhat in the past few months but gradually, I'm picking up the pieces, and we can all do that despite the fact that we can be o...

Optimism on a dull, grey day.

content discovered on Thursday, August 13, 2015 in advice agnostic cheer up happiness hope mental health awareness

Hello lovely ones!!I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my thanks. I have had some very lovely comments and feedback from people about my Instagram, blog and the content. It feels so good to hear that people appreciate my words and that I may have helped them in some small way, inspired or cheered them up. So thank you; and keep the comments and messages coming! Let me know how I can help out :-) Insta link:Personal InstagramIt is exactly the direction I wish to take with this here blog. I would lo...

A tale of a two month slump!

content discovered on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 in analysing brain surgery dating desires exercise single

It appears to me that two months seems to be my "go-to" number in regards to the length of my post hiatus'. That must change. Now!This, my blogsphere folk, is going to be an honest overview. To be fair, I'm always pretty open right?! However, I have no qualms in saying I have endured a wretched couple of months...personally. I'd love to put a positive spin on things but that isn't always me and I can't pretend that it is. Life, for some of us, is not always smelling of roses; I've mentioned before about ...

Spring in my step!

content discovered on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 in

Hello hello :-)So, I've found myself in the depths of March it's officially Spring! It is still a bit gloomyand chilly here in the UK but it'soccasionally picking up and the sun has been shining. I cannot WAIT for all the lighter evenings and warm weather, sitting in a pub garden with a cider and friends...adorned by a light, summery maxi dress!I know that, again, my post uploads are severely lacking, but I think I just get wrapped up in life and get a case of writer's block :-/ As you will find in my p...

A New Year, A New Me Maybe

content discovered on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 in cats dating hamster hope liberation socialising

Hello! And a very belated Happy New Year to all :-) I've been, yet again, a slacker of a blogger for a few months…my only excuse is that I spent the previous few months taking my own advice [breakup wise], focusing greatly on my friends, work and the festive season, inwhich I hope everyone also enjoyed!! I really enjoyed my Christmas; it was very family oriented which is lovely when you don't always get see everyone frequently, isn't it? A couple of weeks ago I was on a course of antibiotics as I was d...

3 Month Itch vs. 3 Month Celebration??

content discovered on Thursday, October 9, 2014 in advice broken heart fun happiness love self improvement support

Hi there folks- long time no see! So I want to treat this post as a bit of anepiphany speech, yeah, lets go with that one...Not to blow my own trumpet (but who else will?) I've never had a form of rejection and probablydidn'thandle that too well so I did feel lousy, sad, confused, lost, angry, betrayed, hurt….and no I'm not looking for a violin but I want people to gain some comfort or understanding that it isokto feel these emotions after a break-up, let yourself feel them; it's perfectly normal :-) Ple...

Life thus Far: an overview

content discovered on Sunday, August 3, 2014 in ex boyfriends family future hurt optimism strength

Well, it is August and two months since my last post. Unfortunately, this current post does not find me in the happiest of mindsets. July has been a horrific month for varying reasons: - My Mr KB can now be known as "the boyfriend which once was"- and I don't think of that fondly at all. (I just don't particularly wish to call him an ex). In June, we hit a rocky patch, which I stupidly thought was sorted, despite my better judgement. It took a weekend of closed off coldness and distance from him, plus a ...

Inner Desires of the Heart

content discovered on Monday, May 19, 2014 in 20 something contentment desires fulfilment procrastinate quarter life crisis wants

I need to take the opportunity every one, to give my apologies for being away for such a long time!! I may as well admit to blogging failure but not defeat, I'm just one huge procrastinator! I shall do a follow up post to detail new happenings and adventures with Mr KB as in fairness, an amount of changes occurred in the last 7 months. Changes that include ups and downs:: My beautiful family cat sadly passedaway to kitty heaven, I celebrated my 26th birthday, started a job/changed the job and built up...

The Joy of Animals

content discovered on Friday, October 4, 2013 in joy mourning happiness colours autumn animals

It's the beginning of October and it's safe to it's the start of my favourite few months. As much I love summer, once you feel those nights draw in, you are ready to say your goodbyes to a warm, festival season and welcome autumn with open arms! Why? Well who doesn't love sitting next to a blazing fire in a house that smells of cherries and honey; drinking hot chocolate and adorned in knitwear, fur lined boots and hats!?October is the seasons of pumpkins, fireworks, mulled cider, frights and forest splen...

Life Thus Far: an overview

content discovered on Sunday, September 1, 2013 in

This post will certainly be a snapshot of my life of late. What a bad, bad blogger I am! I have decided to have "Life thus far"as a little chapter series for when chaos kicks in :-) My consistency is shocking and I apologise as it's not great form, however, this hiatus is not of want or intention as these last couple of months have featured a fair few events and I'll hone on in on a couple! Number One I celebrated my degree finale with my graduation ball and ceremony.. Doing a social work degree has b...

A question of Faith

content discovered on Monday, July 1, 2013 in weddings beliefs religion agnostic mindfulness

I refer to myself as agnostic. Whereby, I am not sure I believe there is a God among us or not. If anything, I believe in spirituality; that there is a spiritual "force above" that guides our life's true destiny. To me, this is entirely separate to religion. In which, in reference to Christianity, I disagree with some concepts..going into no detail so to not offend, I hasten to add. This all being said, I was christened as a baby. My grandmother is fairly religious- more so in her latter years so we ar...

Panic stations at the ready!

content discovered on Monday, May 20, 2013 in worries fun degree future planes social work

So fellow bloggers, it has been an age. I have finished my degree,hurrah!! I have completely subsumed myself in work this year; be it: placement full time, assignments, portfolio and dissertation. It's not been much fun and there are still hoops to jump so to become absolutely qualified as a Social Worker. I am ecstatic it is done but I cannot shake off the feeling of being in limbo and final grades worry me. I don't know where to turn... I am in need of quick cash but jobs are few and far between. I gue...

Brain Tumour Survival

content discovered on Monday, March 4, 2013 in my life fighters brain surgeons inspirations

March 2013 You may or not be aware that it is brain tumour awareness month. Note the recent documentaries to raise such awareness. "Brain Doctors" follows the work of neurosurgeons at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Very close to my heart since I myself was operated upon there three times some eight years ago! My ninth (!!) Craniversary will be this May, and again in October- Two since my tumour had to be operated on again. You may think it was a long time ago that my tumouroccurred. It indeed is, howe...

Theatre Extravaganza!!

content discovered on Thursday, February 7, 2013 in childhood beauty history musicals fine art

Ahhh, the theatre! So palacial, so beautiful and so very very British- in my eyes anyway! I'd like to think I'm a lover of fine arts..but I don't always like to embrace the costs!! There is something quite magical about the theatre. It's an exciting atmosphere that always manages to give me such a buzz... I experienced the land of theatre at a young age, as my grandmother would take my cousins and I to see a ballet or pantomime. Beatrix Potter, The Nutcracker (about a gazillion times!!), Peter Pan. I lov...

Stereotypes and Prejudices

content discovered on Friday, February 1, 2013 in judgements class society arrogance social work

There have been some times throughout my social work degree where I think, "Wow, I have learnt something".. which pleases me, since I do not wish to think I have wasted three years!! I mean, I have chosen to go into this profession. I hope to actually find a great job in said career and do well at it. Not desert the degree.A few days ago, some opinions were spouted by a couple of people during common discussion. I have to say that it really hit home about how much I have been learning and how I have grow...

The winter blues.

content discovered on Sunday, January 20, 2013 in treats snow blues

A Happy New Year to you all. Hope everyone saw in 2013 in style! I had a lovely time, spent with all my loved ones..but yes, you've got it!I have the winter blues (booo!) I'm feeling a little run down. Second time in about a month. I blame work- as always :-) It's snowing here in little England at the moment. My garden is looking very lovely I must say! What I am in need of is a complete detox..Flush any nasty toxins out, that should make me feel better right?! What I really want though are these.... ...

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