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Fall anticrisis Wishlist

content discovered on Friday, September 18, 2015 in asos coat cristall dresses dresslink inspiration pleid romwe trench coat wishlist

Today I would like to share with you my fall wish list. However it will be not ordinary list with luxury items, today it will be anticrisis list with cheap and stylish stuff from Chinese shops. It was a compilation of the most relevant things to wear this autumn. 1)Sleeveless Printed Shirt To buy: 2)Short T-shirt To buy: 3)Trench Coat To buy: 4) Red wine Coat To buy: 5) Dragon Cuff To b...

How to wear Sariki, the Cretan headscarf

Today I want to tell you about traditional greek scarf.I prepared this article for almost a year, since last summer I bought this scarf on Crete, but I have not had the opportunity to show you how to wear it. Almost all the winter and spring, I think through the details and looks to capture the material on Corfu. Keep in touch to see 5 ways to wear traditional headscarf. Up to the early 20th century, the Cretans usually wore a pleated red fez with a long tassel or large scarf. The modern knitted black ...

Walkin' town with me

Today I offer you to have a little trip to Corfu. It is a small town, capital of Kerkyra, Greek island. I show an atmosphere of the small city and my summer look with PurpleFishBowl kimono. I've found this shop on and totally fell in love with all their clothes. By the way, how do you feel, what kind of hairstyle (I'll show you 2 variants) is more appropriate to this look? Enjoy this article and comment. Kimono: PurpleFishBowl(shop on Sandals: Marni Bag: Nasty Gal Sunglasses: V...

BEssARION fw''15-16

content discovered on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 in bessarion brand brands catwalk fashion fashion week russia mbfw mbfw russia trends

The show of BEssARION opened anniversary season of Fashion Week. It took place in an unusual form, since models walked not classic catwalk, the area was the exhibition "Fashion and Style in Photography". The collection is made in black and white. Main emphasis are: fringe, brooches-medals, patterns-blots, large grid, multi-layered flounces, complex cut and clear geometry. A new collection of designer is evening casual chic. The show was very dark that I like definitely.Wet hair on the face of models c...

Recollecting Christmas in Berlin

I always do all in time, so I suggest you to have a winter trip now. Why not? It is just spring now.I want to show you photos and tell you about interesting things that you can bring back from Berlin. Stay here to find out something special. No one store does work on Christmas time in Berlin.Onthe other hand fairs are the best entertainment on holidays. You can watch the show there, eat, and buy local crafts and products.I recommend you to look narrowly at hard cheese, drink mulled wine as much as it p...

Итоги мартовского конкурса

Итак, итоги конкурса! Участников, как всегда, было немного. Победителем стала Оля Дроздова, сделавшая 2-й по счету репост записи в контакте. Стильный и аппетитный приз уже ждет поскорее оказаться в руках у хозяйки! Не бойтесь участвовать в конкурсах, потому что победителем может стать каждый, а подарки получать всегда приятно. Подписывайтесь на мой блог, что бы всегда быть в курсе новых конкурсов. Всем смелым спасибо за участие! Поздравляю Вас с 8 марта, девушки!

Итоги конкурса

content discovered on Monday, December 29, 2014 in blog bloglovin blognews новый год конкурс новости

Как и обещала (правда, с небольшим опозданием), итоги конкурса #selfiesugarcoat. Участников было немного, зато фото были просто отличные. Всем спасибо за участие! Поздравляю Вас с Наступающим! Победителем в Instagram стал участник №4, anna_kyznetsova. Поздравляю!

New Yorker Christmas party

December 19, there was a private party on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas in Sparkle showroom in Moscow.Presentation of the new collection of New Yorker took place within the party.The collection was created by students and launched under the slogan "from customers for customers." It turned out very festive, stylish, and most importantly youth. The collection combines the main trends of this winter: glitter, volume coats, geometry, stylish prints and leatherette.

The Battle of professionals

content discovered on Sunday, December 21, 2014 in beauty cosmetics creams embryolisse lait crème concentré masks review you need it

Thank you, You Need It Moscow, I became a happy owner of Embryolisse. And I use Baume Beauté Eclair by Clarins.Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré and Baume Beauté Eclair are important to me as a fast-acting creams.So I decided to organize a battle of professionals to find out who copes betterwith everything that was promised.Why do I compare these two creams?1) I love them very much2) Both have instant action3) Both are 3 in 1 Come on, Round 1. Using the creams as a daily moisturizer. I have dry skin. ...


content discovered on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 in blog blognews конкурс новости

Дорогие друзья, я объявляю конкурс! Приз - волшебная кнопка для селфи на расстоянии (только для айфонов). Правила конкурса таковы:вы выкладываете новогоднееселфив инстаграм с хэштегом#selfiesugarcoat, а 30 декабря в 10.00 по мск я подведу итоги, выбрав победителя с помощью генератора случайных числ. Последний день конкурса - 29 декабря! Обязательное условие конкурса - вы должны быть подписаны на мой инстаграм. Конкурстолько для России! Следите за новостями, скоро вас ждет еще один конкурс ;).).

Surrealism in fashion and life

Salvador Dali was a brilliant representative of surrealism. He has never missed an opportunity to collaborate with other extraordinary personalities to implement the wildest fantasies. Dali was directly linked with fashion. He was a friend of Coco Chanel, but worked more with her competitor, the designer from Italy, Elsa Schiaparelli, for which he created a lot of the most extravagant models.The most outstanding cooperation was the work of Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli - hat collection. Salvador in...

Atlantic Breeze

I was so busy this summer, thus Icompletely forgot about the pictures from Morocco. These photos inspired me to change the design of the blog. And one of them is the main picture now.Therefore, I hurry to share the rest of the photos. Shoes: Marwa Bag: M30 Dress: HMConscious Exclusive Hair accessory: Unknown designerEarrings: Romwe

OLGA_PLЁNKINA: Human is a measure of fashion

On October 26, the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia there was held the brightest shows, including the controversial and brilliant project 'CONTRFASHION'. On 'CONTRFASHION' show was all: high-tech fabrics, vanguard forms, unusual cut and silhouettes. It was bold and contrasting. However, the most interesting phenomenon was 'OLGA_PLЁNKINA' brand that combines the tradition and rebellion, classic and unimaginable experiments. The show was accompanied by a live performance of drummers from 'Drum...

For honor and conscience

content discovered on Friday, August 22, 2014 in accessories blog boots dolcegabbana trend trends winter

We like proverb 'Preaper the sled in summer, and cart in winter' in Russia very much,because Russian always prepare for the worst as well as to a good much earlier.That is why I invite you to take care about your winter look right now.Although we will not analyze the whole look, we just look at the winter footwear's chic trend.I've already wrote about the winter collection of Dolce Gabbana, but only about men. However, it should also pay attention to the female part. The girl in the armor - it's very in...

Blue Eden

Majorelle Garden is a popular place in Marrakech, attracting a large number of tourists, who want to feel the atmosphere of luxurious garden around the studio of the painter Jacque Majorelle. This place is also known by the couturier Yves Saint Laurent, who was in love with the stunning blue color and flowering green gardens.Therefore, I suggest you to discover the inner world of our favorite designer. Fallen in love with Morocco, in 1923, the French painter Jacque Majorelle built an amazing Moorish vi...

Magic skeleton's bones

content discovered on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 in abyssine cream beauty cosmetics cream fashion hair conditioner kiehl s organic pharmacy review style view

Today I want to leave my favorit and usual topics and to talk about cosmetics. Namely, about cosmetics from Kiehl's. Kiehl's pharmacy began to serve customers in the East Village in 1851.The company is famed for its natural composition of cosmetics and quality ingredients.Now you can buy American products almost anywhere in the world.I want to tell you about my loved products of this brand.I don't like to do reviews of cosmetics, but these products are simply ask to talk about them. The first one is h...

Morrocan garden

Hi, everyone! I just came back from Morocco, so my article will be here as soon as possible.Meanwhile I invite you to view my looks from the Moroccan photo session.In previous posts I have already wrote about fashion accessories of this summer, here is the one example of how you can wear a veil in daily life. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Bag: UNIF Coat:Seppälä Hair accessory: ASOS

Tropical inspiration

Summer is coming, we will wear dresses and floral print very soon. Thus I suggest you to get inspired by an amazing pictures fromVogue Japan, March 2014. This summer the most fashionable things areappliques, 3d images, flowers and graphics. Photographer: Sharif HamzaStyling: Giovanna BattagliaHair: James RoweMakeup: Benjamin PuckeyModel: Juliana Schurig

Summer head

The holiday season are coming soon, it's time to think what kind of clothes we can choose to walk on the sunny streets of the city and wear at the resort.Of course, the choice of clothes is a very important process, but today we will talk about the upcoming summer accessories, namely about what we can decorate our bright female head.Fashion brands offer a huge selection, so let's really understand what exactly new and unusual we can hang on ourselves. So decorations in form of chains deserve special m...

New era

Good day, my dear friends! Today the rebranding of my blog starts. I suppose, the new name'Without sugarcoat' is moremodest and actual.It reflects the content and purpose of my blog, for which I write. I want to show that fashion is inside our mentality through notes about other countries.The way we dress and what we prefer - it is an integral part of our culture. Each country has its vision of the world, and this is reflected in the clothes worn by its inhabitants.People want the truth. We want to see r...

Real capsule or placebo?

There was a day X in the shops of HM a few days ago - new collection came out.HM has collaborated with supermodel Amber Valletta and Ever Manifesto. Specially created campaign 'Conscious Exclusive'promotes environmentally friendly fashion.All clothes are made ​​from recycled materials. Clothes are made from sustainable materials and were performed in bohemian style. It turned out to be really beautiful and chic.The collection is not flashy, it is airy, light and womanly. The source of inspiration was S...

The hottest art

I have already mentioned trend to wear sweatshirts, which are conquer a catwalks not for a first time. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion addicts consider them as glam as they are comfortable.However i suppose that the new black is painterly clothes. Fragments of the triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch were used on dresses in 2012 (Carven) and now we can see echoes of the past on sweatshirts.Classics is actual again - paintings of Raphael, Caravaggio and Perugino prove it, the...

1001 successful bids in the UAE

If Paris is the capital of fashion, Dubai is the capital of shopping. There is a large number of goods which are circulate here. Every person consume as much as whole peoples in less-developed countries. If you found an amazing DolceGabbana shoes on sale and didn't buy them, forget it, you'll never see them again. Arabic women shop a lot, they like fashion and can't stop sometimes.Returning from the Emirates (6 times already), I want to tell you where and how to spend the money right. The shopping festi...

The gift to yourself

I never pretended to be a beauty blogger, but I can not share my discovery.I got my parcel from the USA just yesterday and was delighted. The long-awaited eyeshadows came to me.Colors seem simple, but in reality they are more complicated. Bad Bitch Cosmetics is a Regina Panzeca`s company with not ordinary and bright view. BBC`s eyeshadows are a 100% handmade.I never used this kind of eyeshadows, but handmade looks dignified. Since I am a fan of Andy Warhol, the first that was wondered - The Warhol Col...

Follow Bloglovin

content discovered on Sunday, January 5, 2014 in blog bloglovin fashion follow it friends me news site style

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Say 'No' to dresses with me

I am tired to celebrate every New Year in dress, something should be changed. Every year i see a lot of girls in uncomfortable dresses and shoes. What is the stereotype to wear dresses, false lashes and heels-killers? In Russia we also have traditions to eat salad Olivier, drink a lot of alcohol, listen congratulations from the president and sleep under the Christmas tree. Just try to combine these two trends and imagine how blue and gloomy is it. My thoughts and sadness about these patterns bring me up ...

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